New Salary Survey update for Summer 2023

New Summer 2023 Salaries in our updated Salary Survey and Insights guides!

Ready to get the scoop on the newest salaries in your sector? If you’re contemplating a raise or need to establish salary benchmarks for an open position, look no further. Our 2023 Salary Survey Reports, created by our three recruitment brands, have all the information you need.

TechNET Immersive, TechNET Digital, and Cranberry Panda, have recently unveiled the latest updates to their 2023 Salary Survey and Insights Guides, specifically tailored for the Immersive & Gaming, Digital, and eCommerce industries.

In a fast-paced job market where salary trends are rapidly evolving, we are pleased to present you with an indispensable guide that explores the factors influencing job transitions and employee retention. Our dedicated team has tirelessly collected and curated the most current salary information to equip job seekers and businesses with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding their careers and hiring strategies.

If you’re eager to explore the latest salary trends in your industry or gain insight into the driving forces behind these changes, we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary downloads. Simply grab your own copies for FREE!

If you have already downloaded our 2023 Salary Surveys when they were initially released earlier this year, there’s no need to download them again. All you need to do is use your original link and you will find the fresh new salary updates there – easy peasy!

* Lost your original link? No worries! You can easily redownload it from our websites:

TechNET Immersive Salary Survey Report

TechNET Digital Salary Survey Report

Cranberry Panda Salary Survey Report

Happy reading! We look forward to sharing even more insights with you very soon.

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